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Q & A provides answers to common questions regarding the many benefits of  Targeted Case Management services.


What is a Mental Health Targeted Case Manager? 


A “TCM” is an advocate for those in need of support and resources to maintain mental health stability,  emotional well being and  achieve desired outcomes.

The Role of a Targeted Case Manager is to assist clients with meeting desired goals by providing linkage to needed resources.


Does Targeted Case Management focus only on mental health? 

Yes. However, there are various aspects of achieving mental health stability. For example, a child who is withdrawn or unwilling to speak to others may begin to verbally communicate after playing a video game with another person. In this case, the video game may be the necessary “mental health tool” to assist the child with expression. The TCM will then seek appropriate resources and programs to begin linking the child to additional "mental health tools".  

Or, for example, an adult  may need stable housing to overcome anxiety and/or depression.  In this situation, the TCM will assist the client with navigating through the application process to secure stable housing. The TCM will advocate on behalf of the client to ensure the client has access to needed services and resources. This ultimately promotes mental health stability and improved quality of living. 


What are some things the Targeted Case Manager can assist with? 

(For Children)


The TCM can meet with teachers, guidance counselors or a school principal to assist with understanding the child’s unique abilities and needs.

The TCM can start an IEP (and 504) evaluation process, coordinate IEP reviews, and advocate for IEP revisions.


The TCM can advocate for social engagement activities, tutoring, behavioral health services, mentoring and other needed resources for a child’s  emotional well being. 


The TCM can  locate service providers and SCHEDULE needed appointments for the child’s Primary Care Physician, dental care provider, and vision care provider. 


The TCM can assist a parent with speaking to any school personnel who may not fully understand their child’s diagnosis or disabilities. 


The TCM can assist parents who are overwhelmed due to feelings of receiving the “run around” or parents who feel they aren’t making any progress with their child’s behavior and/or academic performance.


The TCM can advocate for needs of the child’s FAMILY – including food assistance, clothing assistance, transportation assistance and mental health resources.

(For Adults):

The TCM will: 

Monitor the client’s status

Advocate for the client’s needs

Document the client’s progress

Coordinate services on client’s behalf

Assess the client’s need for resources

Refer the client for specialized services

Link the client to acquired resources


Contacting Your TCM:


Targeted Case Managers have caseloads which include children, adults and families. We are committed to providing quality service on behalf of all clients. Please do not hesitate to contact your TCM during normal business hours (see below). Leave a message if the TCM is unavailable. This will assist the TCM  with  immediately seeking needed resources and promptly addressing your concerns prior to returning your call. 


Your TCM is available during the following hours: 

Mon: Planning Day (Please leave msg)

Tues: 9am – 5pm

Wed: 9am – 5pm

Thur: 9am – 5pm 

Fri: 9am – 5pm

​Saturday - By Appointment Only
​Sunday - By Appointment Only

​(If you are currently receiving TCM services and have been directed to this site,  you have been provided with the contact number for your assigned TCM)  


This site is for informational purposes (for clients currently enrolled in Targeted Case Management Services).